Korean lunch box student glass lunch box high borosilicate heat-resistant glass lunch box household large fresh bowl wholesale

  • MOQ:: 100 pcs
  • Packing: carton or pallet
  • Payment method: 30% deposit, pay the balance before shipment
  • Delivery: delivered within 45 days after payment
  • Service: support OEM & ODM, logo can be customized
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    Uses: with rice, fresh food in refrigerator, sealed storage, oven baked food, can be used as daily tableware

    Material: high borosilicate glass
    Process: fired at 1600 degrees high temperature, resistant to high temperature around 400 degrees, heat resistance and rapid temperature change not less than 120 degrees
    Note: The cover is made of plastic and does not endure high temperature.
    Product features: 1. Safe, leak-proof, healthy, high temperature resistant, portable when going out,
    2. Can be used in microwave oven and oven
    3. Not easy to explode and do not explode
    4. Smooth edges, fine workmanship, easy to clean
    5. Hide exhaust holes to prevent channeling
    6. Efficient sealing, no dripping
    7. Detachable buckle, more durable, after 11372 tests, the durability is guaranteed
    8. Silicone sealing ring, food grade silicone, no need to worry about leakage
    9. Easy to clean, glass material is easy to clean
    10. Can be refrigerated, used to keep fresh food in the refrigerator, the minimum can withstand -20 degrees

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